Euro-spec Ford Focus diesel rated at 42 mpg!

When Ford redesigned U.S.-spec Focus, they dumped the hatchback and wagon models and gave the sedan and new coupe a style that almost no one thought was an improvement. Fortunately for European drivers, the refreshed Euro Focus came out much better. At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September Ford added new front and rear styling in keeping with the Kinetic design of other new Euro-Fords. One more thing the Euro-Focus gets that ours doesn't is a diesel engine, specifically a 2.0L turbo four with 134 hp and 251 lb-ft of torque. The Focus TDCi consumes miles at the rate of 42 for every US-sized gallon of diesel fuel. That's quite a few more than a gas-engined U.S. Focus which only gets 28 mpg combined. Come on Ford, we want a small diesel! Check out what CAR thought of the Focus diesel at the Read link.

[Source: CAR]

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