VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton vs The Stig - Who Won?

We won't spoil it for you, so you can see the results and watch the Top Gear segment with Lewis Hamilton after the jump. (You can also bittorrent the episode already on Final Gear.) Suffice it say, Hamilton did really well and drove the heck out of that Suzuki Liana on a wet and oily Top Gear Test Track. But whatever, you just want to see who won and watch the video, so click here.

[Source: Daily Motion]

Top Gear and Luis Hamilton
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Scroll down for the results.

  • The Stig: 1:44.4
  • Mansell: 1:44.6
  • Hamilton: 1:44.7
  • Jenson B.: 1:44.7
  • D. Hill: 1:46.3
  • M. Webber: 1:47.1

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