The Scooter Scoop covers the "Rise of the Electric"

Our good friend Steve from The Scooter Scoop has found himself swamped with news of electric scooters over the past few weeks, so his last few posts have all been on that subject. Of course, scooters already are savers of gas, but as many of you probably already know, they often pollute more than cars. The good news is that for the same reason that scooters save on gas (light weight, smaller engines) they also save on electricity when using electron power instead of dead dinos. So, take a look here at (*deep breath*) a possible all electric Genuine Buddy, the iMobility electric LEV, the MIT/SYM electric scooter concept, Germany's Emax electric scooter, the Axle Group's EV-X7 and the Mitka from Vendenbrink.

Whew... that's a lot of electrons there. Which is a good thing. Stay tuned for an exclusive first ride of the Quantya electric dirtbike, which we were able to hitch a ride on last week.

[Source: The Scooter Scoop]

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