Moto Guzzi Stelvio and Moto Morini Granpasso continue Italy's love affair with adventure cycles

Italy, the boot-shaped country long associated with fast cars and fast bikes has yet another category for which they are becoming synonymous: Adventure Tourers. Ducati came out of the gate with the Multistrada, Binelli birthed the Tre K and now Moto Morini and Moto Guzzi crash the party with the Granpasso 1200 and Stelvio 1200 respectively. These are the Sport Utility Vehicles of the motorcycle world, and they might go off-road just as often... as in almost never. But, at least you know that when you do, you'll have a good time. Just as with SUV's, these SUM's vary in their degree of serious off-road credibility, and neither of these new Italian V-Twin's appear ready for the Rubicon, so to speak. But, a little soft-roading and some exploration are certainly inline with their specification sheets. Ample ground clearance, skid plates and luggage carrying are the name of the game here, so pack your bags and head towards the hills.

[Source: Moto Guzzi and Moto Morini]

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