Thanks DuPont: Aston Martin DBS now available in Racing Green

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When the good ship Lotto comes into port for us, one of the items very high on the shopping list is the Aston Martin DBS, which adds a dash of toughness to the slinky lines of the DB9 and generally causes the car-aware to trip over their tongues. Thanks to some recent updates over on Aston Martin's media site, we now know what color we're ordering ours in after Yolanda Vega pulls that crucial sixth matching number out of the lottery contraption. The color is Racing Green -- specifically, Aston Martin Racing Green. This is the same shade developed by DuPont for Prodrive's Le Mans-winning Aston Martin Racing DBR9, and with those dark gray wheels, all that's missing is the yellow or orange "lipstick" around the radiator grille for maximum effect. Incidentally, the other colors announced for the DBS are Lightning Silver, Infa Red, and Casino Royale (heh). For good measure, we'd also snag a Velocity Yellow Corvette Z06 to bolster the GT1 wing of the mythical Autoblog Super Garage. Yeah, we tend to daydream a bit on Fridays.

[Source: Aston Martin via EGMCarTech]

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