Golden Gate bridge accident averted by selfless driver

We don't particularly enjoy posting about auto accidents, as totaled cars and injured humans is never a good conversation starter. Every once in a while, though, we get an opportunity to post about a crash that didn't happen thanks to the quick thinking and selfless nature of a good samaritan. Such a near miss happened yesterday in San Francisco when a driver on the Golden Gate became unconscious and her Jeep Grand Cherokee came to a stop in the second lane from the center divide. John Beatty almost rammed his Ford F-350 into the back of the Jeep, but stopped just in time. The 50-year-old man from Mill Valley, CA then noticed the Jeep began to creep forward and to the left. Realizing it was headed towards the divide and into oncoming traffic, Beatty positioned his truck in front of the SUV so that it would hit him instead of crossing over. He then guided the Jeep across two lanes of road, which had fortunately been cleared of traffic when other drivers began to realize what Beatty was doing. Unfortunately, there is a sad ending to this story, as the unconscious driver of the Jeep eventually died at the hospital. If it hadn't been for Beatty, however, you would've heard about a fatal multi-car accident on the Golden Gate bridge last night.
Thanks for the tip, Patrick!


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