CONFIRMED: Ferrari considering twin-turbo V8 for next Enzo

Ferrari is looking to decrease its carbon footprint by 40% in time for stringent new European CO2 laws that come into effect in 2012, and even the Enzo replacement could receive a downsizing. We broke the news a couple months back about Ferrari looking into a twin-turbo V8 to replace the Enzo's 6.0L V12 powerplant, and Ferrari technical director Robert Fedeli told AutoWeek that the Italian automaker is developing both a V8 and a V12 to cover its exotic options.
The Italian automaker states that it is not interested in advancing the power wars, and that driving dynamics will take precedence over brute force. If our sources were right about the new force-fed V8 pumping 900 horses at the drivetrain, then we would be all for a four-cylinder diet for the top-end Ferrari. If Ferrari manages to keep the weight to 2,200 lbs. using technology hinted at with the FXX Mille Chile concept, then even the vaunted Veyron could have more competition than it can handle. Lets just hope featherlight weight and 900 HP comes with driving lessons, because otherwise we'll be doing a lot more Ferrari crash posts come 2012.

[Source: Auto Week via Winding Road]

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