In an interview with Kelly Blue Book at the 2007 LA Auto Show, General Motors hybrid vehicle expert Stephen Poulos says GM's "next generation" BAS (belt alternator starter) hybrid system will keep the same architecture but use lithium-ion batteries giving it more voltage, higher power and significantly increased capability. Here is exactly what Stephen said at the end of the interview when asked what can we look forward to from GM on hybrids:

I can tell you that we are going at this with a huge amount of commitment. We are hiring engineers as fast as we can do it in the hybrid area. We see a significant growth in the number of models that will be hybridized over the future. Recently we announced, Tom Stevens announced, head of GM power train, that we will have a next generation of our GM hybrid system that's in the Malibu. It will be a higher voltage, higher power system. Same basic architecture, motor generator with a belt drive. Significantly increased capability using lithium-ion batteries. So that's one hint out there of what's coming ... but those will be going in a lot of places.

Just another hint that GM is serious about new battery tech, as if we needed another one:
[Source: YouTube]

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