Could NASCAR actually go green?

Fred Thompson may not think (wait! he thinks?) there are any hybrids in NASCAR, but America's most popular series does want to at least appear green. That's likely going to be a tall order for NASCAR. After all, Formula 1 is looking to add hybrid drivetrains in the next couple of years and diesels are tearing up the tracks from touring cars to Le Mans, NASCAR remains the last major bastion of the carburetor and live axle. So far, the gang from Daytona hasn't actually committed to any changes although NASCAR is talking to fuel supplier Sunoco and General Motors. The most likely thing we'll see from NASCAR is a jump from gasoline to ethanol, although at the glacial pace that NASCAR moves (they only switched from leaded to unleaded gas in the last couple of years) it could be 2020 by the time that happens.

[Source: Reuters]

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