2009 Dodge Ram ditching leaf springs for coils

In a move that only serves to prove how competitive the full-size truck market is in the U.S., Dodge will reportedly be swapping out traditional leaf springs in the rear suspension of its redesigned 2009 Dodge Ram in favor of a new coil sprung rear axle. The move may seem counter intuitive, as leaf springs have long been the go-to gear for rear suspensions in pickups due to their heavy duty nature that allows for greater towing and payload capacity. Dodge, however, appears least interested among its competitors in going after best-in-class towing and payload ratings. The current Ram 1500 tops out with an 8,750 lb. maximum tow rating, far below the 10,000 lb.+ ratings of its cross-town rivals and the Toyota Tundra. Allpar.com, which broke the news, reports that payload capacity for the new coil sprung truck will remain the same, so we'd expect the Ram not to give an inch on towing either. Dodge seems to be betting that heavy haulers who are really interested in towing will opt up for a heavy duty version of the Ram. Those sticking with the half-ton and its coil-sprung rear suspension will be rewarded with better ride and handling and virtually no wheel hop, a regrettable side effect of leaf springs.
What say you about Dodge's alleged decision to ditch leaf springs? Does it only serve to soften the Ram as the pickup wars intensify, or will the benefits of a smoother ride with little to no sacrifice in capability make the trunk even more appealing?

BTW, Allpar.com also reports that the 2009 Dodge Ram will get a pair of storage boxes on either side of its bed that are waterproof and accessible from the outside. Each box will be able to hold 8 cubic feet of stuff, which when combined offers additional storage space that rivals the trunk volume of some sedans.

[Source: Allpar.com via Pickuptruck.com]

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