Some Europeans are using the car more, even when it's not necessary

When thinking about Europe you might think about the bikes in Amsterdam, the widespread use of mass transit systems, toll roads, high gas prices, small cars. These images are something that you might need to reconsider, at least for one European country: Spain (although all Europeans are driving more).
Spaniards have become the laziest Europeans and use their cars more than anyone else in the EU. While it's a large country with an underdeveloped railway system (except for a couple of subway networks), gas prices are almost the lowest in Europe (if curious, check them here). Need some numbers to back all this up? 75 percent of cars in Spain run with only one person inside. 30 percent of pollution in Spain comes from transport. 40 percent of the land designated for new construction there is set aside to build roads. Spaniards, more than citizens of any other country in the EU, use their cars for short trips of only 2 to 3 km (1.2 to 2 miles).

These are just some figures which are being used by the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and the WWF Adena to try and encourage Spaniards to drive less.

[Source: WWF Adena via Econoticias]

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