Several Environmental organisations in Europe have launched a campaign to request that the European Commission to implement tougher CO2 emission limits on vehicles. According to their sources, road transport accounts for 25 percent of European emissions and in countries like Spain, it reaches 40 percent. While newer cars pollute less than older models, they're also heavier. Add the fact that Europeans are driving more and more and the result is that emissions increase every year.

Back in 1998, automakers announced a gentlemen's agreement to reach an average CO2 emissions of 140 g/km, which now doesn't look achievable (in 2006, the average mark was 160 g/km). This is regarded by these organisations as a dilatory strategy, because automakers are opposing a lower limit of 130 g/km, when the European Parliament is voting on a 120 g/km limit for 2012.

So here's where you can cyberact: you can send an email to the European Parliament to support this initiative and ask your representatives to vote for it. Follow the link to vote from the UK and find other links from other countries.

[Source: Friends of the Earth/Ecologistas en Acción via Econoticias]

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