Kimi Rikknen gets hardcore with Marcus Walz

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Sure, you may think that racing Formula 1 in the Championship-winning Ferrari is pretty hardcore, but Kimi Räikkönen has an even better idea of what being hardcore really means. Or not. Whatever... what we do know is that Marcus Walz of Hardcore Cycles has made Räikkönen another bike. The first one was known as "Iceman", and the second has been imaginatively named "Iceman 2". The machine itself is pretty cool, although the basic premise of the machine is decidedly low-tech. Sure, it's got a single-sided swingarm, but no rear suspension to speak of. The fork may be high-tech, but it's placed at such an angle as to undermine its operation.

All of the preceding is beside the point, however. This bike is not meant to out-handle a Supermoto or out-race a GSXR. It's meant to be as much about style as function, and the rider is expected to show it off whenever possible. Good thing the bike looks so good, then. And when Kimi wants to go fast... that's not so much of a problem either.

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[Source: Walz Hardcore Cycles]

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