Make your car greener with Grass on the Dash

Year after year there are hucksters trying to sell miracle devices that reduce your fuel consumption. They're almost always proven to be complete shams. But now you can truly make your car greener for less than the cost of a tank of gas.
Pot your favorite flora in the Grass on the Dash planter and offset some of that carbon belched out by your gas-guzzler. If you're driving something particularly bad at conserving fuel, we suggest getting several. The GOTD's suction cup mount will stick to any glass surface, so make use of the windshield, side windows, sunroof, etc. The more greenery growing in your G-Wagon, the less guilt you'll have about the melting icecaps.

Or better yet, grow your own crops to offset the cost of gas! As far as we known there's no law against growing most cash crops in your car. We suggest several pots of corn that you can convert into ethanol.

[Source: Grass on the Dash]

Thanks for the tip, Ryan!

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