How long until hydrogen cars take over? One expert says just one century

OK, OK. We've seen the recent bet, seen what the automakers can do, read up on hydrogen tech and have decided for ourselves how feasible the hydrogen economy is. So, how long do the experts think it will take? In a weekend article by Agence France-Presse, a Texas attorney who deals with environmental and energy regulation says that it will be 100 years before hydrogen can seriously replace oil as the transportation fuel of choice.

But the article by Jean-Louis Santini doesn't go into a lot of details and doesn't speak to anyone else who sees this lengthy timeline. Instead, Jerry Hinkle, the president of the National Hydrogen Association, is quoted as saying that hydrogen has the potential to be "a universal source of energy" and that fuel cells are the technology that shows the most short-term promise. Still, the headline of the piece is that "Hydrogen cars century away, expert says." Not even the DOE is as pessimistic as the Texas attorney. This seems to be a case of the headline getting in the way of the story.


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