Herd of cattle may herald arrival of 2009 Dodge Ram in Detroit

Chrysler debuts are legendary among the automotive press, particularly the shows that the company puts on at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit every January. In the past, they've driven through plate glass windows and drowned an unsuspecting automotive press in a sea of confetti (for the Aspen, of all vehicles). This January the automaker will be unveiling the 2009 Dodge Ram, its best selling and arguably most profitable vehicle. The stakes are high for grabbing and holding the attention of the automotive press, so Chrysler LLC is reportedly exploring the idea of herding cattle down Jefferson Ave. in downtown Detroit to herald the new Ram's arrival. Though people from Chrysler LLC and the city of Detroit are playing dumb and claiming to know nothing about the idea, the Detroit Free Press says it has on good authority that the spectacle is in the planning stages. Perhaps Chrysler will donate a couple of new Rams to the city of Detroit for the cleanup effort after this stunt. They could show off the Ram's increased payload by filling its bed to the brim with manure, and you know we'd post on that.

[Source: Detroit Free Press via Winding Road]

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