2007 Chrysler Aspen: live shots from the NAIAS debut

Autoblogger Chris had some interesting comments to say about his experience over in Detroit. Here he is in rare form at the DaimlerChrysler press conference for Aspen (see here and here for earlier posts):

"That Daimler-Chrysler's press conferences often have more in common with theatre than they do with information has long made them a favorite with the press. From crashing through plate glass to leapfrogging minivans, there's always been an element of flair and fun that has made their P.R. team the toast of the industry. That was certainly the case with the pressers for Chrysler's 'Don't-call-me-Durango' Aspen and Dodge's Caliber."

"DCX literally blew away the Nikon-toting masses in a blizzard of marketing madness, which was just as well, because despite all of the amusing histrionics, it doesn't take a keen Autoblog reader to see the Durango lurking underneath."

(more photos and details after the jump)

"But where that particular Dodge product is a bit aesthetically challenged and overwrought, the 2007 Aspen pleases with a more conventional and dignified nose. Up front, Chrysler's signature front eggcrate grille has taken up residence, along with a scalloped hood (see also: Crossfire), and as one works rearward, there are chromed accents everywhere, which Chrysler hopes will make people think that the Aspen is the "300" of SUVs.

"The interior's improvements are predictable but pleasant, particularly in view of the Durango's acres of hard plastic. White-faced gauges marked out with chrome bezels make up the instrument cluster, and as seems to be the way with all vehicles aspiring to luxury these days, an analog clock is lodged top dead center. Seats are available in two-tone leather or a leather/suede mix, but cloth comes standard. Of course there's plenty of faux tree inside as well, but it's rather convincing stuff."

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