eBay find of the day: Coyote from Hardcastle & McCormick

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The 80's was a good time for cars in prime time: Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team, Knight Rider, Spencer for Hire, Stingray, Miami Vice, and the oft forgotten Hardcastle & McCormick. It only lasted three years, but it had its fans -- or perhaps, in light of the short run and show's demographic, the featured car had its fans.

That car is one of the show's Coyotes, rescued from the MGM junk lot and restored using almost all of the original parts and according to show guidelines. The listing says it's DeLorean based, but the chassis is from Off Road Engineering and it doesn't appear to have a single DeLorean part on it. It was, however, featured in an episode, and it was jumped and has the tire marks to prove it.

A single seater with a 5-point harness, the Coyote looks Death Proof. It's also claimed to be pretty fast with its 1900-cc VW engine and Dellorto carbs -- but don't expect to go too fast too far: the car's only got a 2-gallon gas tank. Check out the pics below, and click over to eBay to place your bid.

Thanks for the tip, Marsh!

[Source: eBay via Pistonheads]

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