No, you can't afford it: Rolls-Royce Phantom Tungsten

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Well, this makes the one I had seem almost pedestrian. I'm talking about the new Rolls-Royce Phantom Tungsten, the latest limited-production saloon from RR's Bespoke Collection. The total number of cars being built is unclear, but it's confirmed that six of them are headed to the Middle East, where they'll be snapped up instantly. If the color scheme looks familiar, it's because it mimics that of the 101EX concept. The Darkest Tungsten paint makes its first appearance ever on a production Roller, and the big boy also wears the same seven-spoke wheels as the concept coupe. Other exterior cues appearing on the Tungsten are a brushed aluminum hood similar to the one available on the Drophead Coupe and cool-looking exposed chrome exhaust outlets.

Inside, you get Smoke Grey leather piped with navy accents, Rosewood veneers, and metallic trim accenting the top of the instrument panel and the thin-rimmed steering wheel. Even the engine gets a dress-up kit. The pièce de résistance is the starlight headliner, which uses hundreds of fiber-optic lights to create a virtual starfield above the backseat passengers. Limo companies already do this in prom night cheesemobiles, though, so maybe next time Rolls can up the ante by incorporating a full planetarium back there. You know, with the Pink Floyd laser light shows and everything. They can maybe call it the Nick Mason Edition. Anyway, I digress. Tungsten owners get a pair of silver keyfobs and a fountain pen in a spiffy matching Rosewood box, too. Cost is unknown, but if you can afford it, you're not even asking about the price, anyway. You're simply calling your man at the Rolls dealer and making it happen.

Thanks for the heads-up, JW!

[Source: Rolls-Royce via Sybarites]

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