eBay Find of the Day: Vortec powered Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster replica

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For fans of the legendary Countach, the current Murcielago is its true successor and perhaps the last of the "real" Lamborghinis. It still has the longitudinal V12 with the transmission sitting in front of the engine between the seats and the obligatory scissor doors. However, that $300,000 price tag puts it well out of range for mere mortals. For the rest of us, Minnesota-based Vigness Motorsports has cobbled up this replica currently on offer on eBay.

On the outside, the creators have done a pretty masterful job of replicating the original, with none of the odd proportions you so often find on these types of machines. It even features the pop up air intakes on top of the rear fenders to feed air to the engine. It's only when you look at the interior and under the engine cover, that you see the limitations of doing such a vehicle on a limited budget. The interior almost makes you long for the cheap plastic of a Jeep Compass. While twelve cylinders may be a bit much to ask for, something at least a little better than what appears to be an old throttle body-injected GM truck engine should probably be installed in the back end. If you have to go cheap, at least go with an older pre-emissions carbureted motor. On the upside, the front air suspension can lift the nose over speed bumps and steep driveways. Check out the video after the jump.

[Source: eBay via CarScoop]

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