Waiting for the diesel Accord? Check out the current Euro-spec Accord diesel

As a major supplier of diesel engine components, Bosch has a vested interest in promoting diesel adoption in the US market. As part of their campaign, the German supplier has a fleet of European diesel models that they use for promotional purposes at events around the US. Earlier this year we sampled a Chrysler 300 CRD and Smart ForTwo CDi from that fleet and we'll be taking a longer look at another vehicle very soon.
In the meantime you can get a hint of what we might expect come 2009 when the Honda Accord gets a new diesel option. The current European Accord, which is sold here as the Acura TSX, has a 2.2L diesel and DieselForecast had a chance to sample it. The U.S. Accord is expected to get an engine of the same displacement but with an emissions system that meets Tier2 Bin5 requirements. You can check it out now.

[Source: DieselForecast]

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