The Spanish Association of Oil Producers and Operators (AOP) has shown a "profound disagreement" with Spain's plans for mandatory biofuel blends at the pumps. So far, the Government's plans state that by 2010, 5.85 percent of fuel sold at the pump must be from vegetable sources. What the AOP says is that the limit cannot be reached and is calling for a flexible blend, whereby fuel producers would adjust the contents of biodiesel and ethanol into diesel and gasoline pumps to reach a global figure of 5.85 percent.

The fact is that Spain's current fuel market is split into 79 percent for diesel and 21 percent for gasoline. While Spain produces all the gasoline it need and even exports some (about 3 millions a year), diesel must be imported to satisfy the demand (some 15 million liters per year). According to the AOP, biodiesel can fix the solution because it will allow the country to reduce imported biodiesel, and there will be more gasoline left for export. Of course, the actual blend of ethanol in gasoline should be 8 percent to compensate for the lower energy content of ethanol.

[Source: Europa Press via Econoticias]

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