While the Pontiac Aztek was a sales failure, it did have the ability to quickly turn into a camping appliance with a rear end that could be converted into a tent. Nissan must love the idea since it has developed a dome-shaped tent attachment for its UK utility vehicles. The tent attaches to the back, where the rear liftgate can be left ajar to provide a more open area for additional sleepers. Four adults can sleep in the 9x9 enclosure, with a couple more campers bunking in the car. The vehicle can also be easily detached from the tent if errands need to be run.

While tent accessory is handy, it does come at a price tag well beyond most stand-alone portable living quarters. The Navara tent costs £260, and the tent for the Pathfinder, X-TRAIL, Murano or QASHQAI will run you £460. Here in the States you can get a gently-used pop-up camper for a little more than $1,000 USD. The safety of the tent may also be a question mark, as it isn't hard to imagine a Darwin candidate turning on the car to get some heat (and carbon monoxide) into the shelter. Lets hope that doesn't happen. The Nissan press release is pasted after the jump.

[Source: Nissan]


Nissan has increased its range of outdoor accessories with a new tent designed to fit onto the rear of any Pathfinder, Murano, new X-TRAIL or QASHQAI, adding to the one previously released for the life-style Pickup - Navara.

The new accessory for the go anywhere adventurer attaches onto the rear of the vehicle with the use of adjustable straps and an elasticated sleeve. The sleeve fits over the complete rear-end of the vehicle and provides enough room for the tailgate to be opened up into the tent living area, which then allows the vehicle's interior to be used as a sturdy, level and comfortable sleeping area. It can be removed from the vehicle as easily as it can be fitted, so driving off in the vehicle, leaving the tent behind, takes only a matter of minutes.

The dome shaped tent is easy to assemble with permanently linked tent poles and a sewn in ground sheet. It comes complete with two large entrance doors one of which has a 2 metre x 2 metre canopy. Two large mesh windows complete the exterior package.

Inside, the living area measures 3 metres x 3 metres so could easily accommodate up to four adults, six if you include the back of the vehicle and with over 2 metres in height at the peak of the dome there is plenty of standing room.

This is the second tent accessory available from Nissan. The first version, made available earlier in 2006, fits over the top of the Navara load bed to provide the sleeping area and a canopy, extending rearwards, allows for covered / sheltered standing room.

Both tents are available to order from any Nissan dealer with the Navara tent costing £260 (inclusive of VAT) and the Pathfinder, X-TRAIL, Murano or QASHQAI version £460 (inclusive of VAT). Both versions come with a holdall for ease of carrying and fitting is quick and easy.

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