AC Schnitzer GP3.10 LPG powered 3-series hits 318 km/h

Click the image above for more shots of the GP3.10 hammering around Nardo.

You might recall the AC Schnitzer crew trotting out a particularly gaudy BMW 3-series coupe in Frankfurt called the GP3.10, powered by a V10 engine pulled from the M5/M6 running off liquefied petroleum. While the styling of the Bimmer caused a few of us to inadvertently gag while patrolling the floor in Germany, its performance potential – 552 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque – showed promise.

Fast forward a few months later, and according to the Schnitzer folks, the GP3.10 set the world record for the fastest gas-powered car in the world. The coupe was brought out to the 13-mile Nardo test track in Southern Italy where it laid down a terminal velocity of 318.1 km/h, or 197 mph. While that's a feat unto itself, even more surprising is AC Schnitzer's claim that some of the technology will filter down to the tuner's products in the future.

[Source: AC Schnitzer]


Second World Record in a Row : AC Schnitzer builds fastest gas car
GP3.10 GAS POWERED achieves 318 km/h at Nardo

Nardo, the legendary high speed track, has been the setting for so many record attempts. Once a year at the track in Southern Italy, under the supervision of "CONTINENTAL AG" and in collaboration with the editors of "AUTO BILD sportscars", the Creme de la Creme of tuners fight it out – this year on 20th and 21st October 2007. AC Schnitzer, with its Concept Car GP3.10 GAS POWERED, was the world's first company to turn the event motto "Beyond 300 km/h" into reality with a liquid gas powered vehicle. At the end of the GPS speed measurement on the 13 km long high speed track, which fundamentally is just an enormous circle, the digital instrument display read 318.1 km/h.

This makes the GP3.10 GAS POWERED, based on the current BMW 3-series coupé with a modified M5 engine, officially the world's fastest vehicle with liquid gas fuel. The vehicle is powered by a bivalent ten-cylinder engine delivering 552 HP/406 kW. Last year, AC Schnitzer broke another world record in Nardo with the TENSION. Based on the BMW M6, this has since been the undisputed fastest road-going BMW in the world.

Expectations this year in the Engineering Team were equally high for the new GP3.10 GAS POWERED vehicle. Especially since there were just four weeks between its world premiere at the IAA Frankfurt and the Highspeed Event in Nardo in which to finalise the set-up. A sensation: the AC Schnitzer GP3.10 GAS POWERED is the fastest gas-powered car in the world. This proves that high speeds can be achieved by an alternative route. The eyecatching AC Schnitzer GP3.10 GAS POWERED is a high-performance coupé powered by LPG. Power and efficiency, economy and ecology are here combined in an exciting study.

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