LA 2007: Lotus the 2-Eleven to the US!

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Last March at the Geneva Motor Show, Lotus announced a new track car based on the Elise called the 2-Eleven. The stripped-down 1,474-pound 2-Eleven reduces the already spartan Elise to its bare essentials. Any semblance of a roof has been stripped away while the supercharged Toyota 1.8L puts out 252hp. The aerodynamics have been modified to maximize downforce, and sixty miles per hour comes up from a standstill in 3.9 seconds. Alas, the US has no single vehicle type certification rules like those in England that allow lights to be added so the car can be driven on the street. For those in the US who want a wicked-fast toy for track days, start pulling the coins out of your sofa cushions because the 2-Eleven will run you $78,000 when it becomes available next year.

[Source: Lotus]

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