2008 Mugen Edition Honda Civic Si vandalized on dealer lot

I have a soft spot for special edition Hondas. Unfortunately, so do a lot of people. They are more coveted by thieves than your Pay Pal password. An Acura Integra Type R or Honda Civic Si usually does a disappearing act when parked on dimly lit street. Apparently not even the latest generation Honda Civic Si is immune from the Honda curse. One car dealership has learned what every modified Honda owner knows; do not park your limited edition 2008 Mugen Honda Civic Si in an open lot. Thus, the 1,000 allotted Mugen Civic Si's slated for the United States are now down to 999. Before it could even reach the hands of an eager enthusiast, one Mugen Si was raided in the night while parked on a dealership lot. The thieves smashed a window, took the wheels, seats, badges, and shift knob, among other misc. items. The car was found by dealership employees perched on two jackstands and the front rotors. Sights like this really break my heart. I hope karma comes back and bites those who did the crime. View the gallery to check out the damage.
Thanks for the tip Joe!

[Source: EPhatch.com via 8thcivic.com]

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