Who needs a Lexus LS? I want a Malibu!

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The media is giving the new Chevy Malibu more love than any midsize product donning the bow tie has gotten in years. As it turns out, there are a few people in the market for a new car that are just as excited. Maximum Bob Lutz was nice enough to share on his FastLane Blog a story about how much one man likes the new Malibu, and he's going through great lengths to get one in his garage. The guy in question hadn't given a GM product the time of day since 1979, but the new Malibu looked so good to him that he was willing to purchase one from a dealer friend in California. Since he lives in Michigan, he plans on flying out to pick up his new ride and then driving it nearly 3,000 miles back to his home.The part of the story that undoubtedly has Mr. Lutz the most giddy is the fact that the gentleman in question is currently driving a Lexus LS and had been driving several Mercedes prior to his that. We certainly liked the Malibu during our short time with the vehicle, but if we were to purchase one for ourselves, we'd likely wait until one was available a little closer to home.

[Source: FastLane Blog]

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