"Race engine of the year 2007" for the Toyota Supra HV-R

Do you remember the Toyota Supra HV-R? It won the 24 hours of Tokachi race back in July and now it has won an award as the "Race engine of the year 2007." Why is an AutoblogGreen story? It's because the engine is a hybrid. The nominations were selected by the editors of "Race Engine Technology" magazine but the votes came from race professionals from different motorsports.

The Supra HV-R uses a modified hybrid system with two special features: a set of three motors (two inside the front wheels at 10 kW each and one at the back, good for 150 kW) which allows the car to recover more energy when braking and a capacitor instead of rechargeable batteries. The Super GT-spec 4,480cc V8 is rated at 480 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque. The car's weight is a little over 2,300 pounds. Sounds like a winner.

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[Source: Toyota]

Specifications of Toyota Supra HV-R

Vehicle name

Denso Toyota Supra HV-R

Entry Class



Modified (Super GT version 3UZ-FE engine)

Engine displacement


Air restrictor

29.6mm i2

Maximum output

480ps min/6,800rpm

Maximum torque

510 Nm at 5,600rpm

Electric motor

Front motor: 10kW i2 (in-wheel motor)
Rear motor: 150kW

Vehicle weight

1.080 kg

Team name



Katsuyuki Hiranaka (Japan)
Andre Couto (Portugal)
Akira Lida (Japan)
Tatsuya Kataoka (Japan)

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