Invention Nation, TV show all about green autos, premieres Nov. 19 on the Science Channel

Invention Nation, a new, weekly TV series all about green transportation, premieres on the Science Channel next Monday (Nov. 19) with new episode every following Monday for four weeks. The show follows three hack mechanics; Chris, Nobu and Micah, as they travel around America searching for green vehicle designs in a bus they constantly add green technology. The show also includes the trio looking at non-automotive green technologies like micro-hydro power generation.
According to the episode guide, the first show includes converting a diesel bus to run on vegetable oil, biodiesel production and a look at cutting edge hybrid technology. The second episode (Nov. 26) includes installation of solar panels on their vegetable oil bus, making a bike from bamboo and the human-powered car. In the third episode (Dec. 3), the bus runs into a little trouble before episode four (Dec. 16) where they add a green roof to the bus.

I will try to live blog each show as they air.

[Source: The Science Channel]

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