Green Earth Technologies introduces biodegradable motor oil

Carbon dioxide and other emissions resulting from combustion are hardly the only problems associated with the use of petroleum in engines. The moving metal parts on the inside of an engine need lubrication to prevent them from grinding to a halt. That lubrication comes by way of oil and unfortunately a lot of that oil ends up getting spilled or dumped, poisoning the ground.
Green Earth Technologies has developed a motor oil made from plant oils and beef tallow. Not only is the oil made from renewable feedstocks but the company claims the oil is biodegradable. By adding a product they call G-Disposoil to the used G-oil, it is broken down and can apparently be just poured on the ground to biodegrade. G-oil was just recently launched and it's not known where you can get it yet or how much it costs, but it's worth watching.

[Source: Green Earth Technologies, via]

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