Geely unveils new logo in Beijing

New Geely logo at left, Toyota on right for comparison

You can exhale now. We know you've been holding your breath waiting for this one. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group finally showed off its new Geely logo (above left) in Beijing a couple of days ago. it chose this new logo following a nearly year-long "global design contest" that used a combination of online voting and a panel of 66 "professional adjudicators."

Hailing it as "a significant milestone for Geely's brand building, but also the maturity of China's self-owned and corporate brands," Geely spokesperson Wang Ziliang said, "China's self-owned brands have come to realize the importance behind having the right auto brand and auto culture when trying to succeed overseas." Now they just have to work on innovative product that doesn't crumple like a beer can in barrier tests. Just kidding.

The logo you see at left above was picked as the best amongst the 27,336 entries submitted. To show how seriously this was taken by the rest of the world, a record was set when more than 100 countries participated, making it the most widely entered corporate logo design contest ever. At least that's what the release says. The winning logo was designed by Yue Xiande from Anhui province, and is clearly not a Toyota ripoff. "The Toyota logo has a whole 'nother ring in it," Geely spokespeople did not say. "While the Toyota is a soulless tin can, Geely has the top popped already, indicating it is much more fun," they did not add.

[Source: Geely] more pics:autoblog china.

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