Hyundai Coupe fully undisguised!

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New Tiburon Forum member anthony718 just posted some pics of the new Hyundai Coupe totally undisguised. Saying he got the pics from "a friend," he details how the photos came from a market research event back in June. According to the info given, the Coupe would have two engine options, a 2.0L turbo with 215HP and 217 ft-lbs of torque, or a 3.8LV6 with 300HP and 280 ft-lbs. Prices were given as $19,900 for the 4 or $25,900 for the V6. While we have good reason to believe there will be a genuine V8 in the engine bay when we see the car in LA next week, this event was held back in June and changes could have been made since that time.

Hyundai is pitching this new Genesis Coupe as a Mustang fighter, so it's no surprise to see the Coupe sitting next to the Ford in these photos. We've discussed this 2009 model Hyundai quite a bit and now that we have some clear pics, it really looks like it's been worth the wait. Attractive in an Accord or G37 Coupe kind of way, the RWD Korean should make a splash in the sports/GT market when it reaches dealers next year. The looks and specs seem to indicate a worthy competitor, with rumored features like iPod integration in the center console, Bluetooth with the stock head deck, a sunroof, limited slip and possibly even a Brembo brake upgrade. We'll have more details about the car after we see it at the LA Auto Show, but for now, check out the best pics in our gallery below.

Thanks for the tip, Jose!

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