Nick Hogan arrested for reckless driving, was drinking before crash

The sordid saga surrounding Nick Hogan's high-speed crash that resulted in critical injuries to his shot-gun mate and best friend continues. reports that Clearwater, FL police arrested the son of pro-wrestler legend Hulk Hogan today and charged him with reckless driving, as well as issued citations for the use of a motor vehicle in a felony, operating a motor vehicle under the age of 21 with a blood alcohol level above .02, and, our favorite one – illegal window tinting. Being the celebrity news hounds they are, TMZ has continued to follow the story and published a statement made by Nick Hogan's rep in which the Hogan's actually call out John Graziano, the best-friend who was critically injured in the crash, for not wearing his seat belt. Wow. In light of Mr. Graziano's apparent disregard for his own safety (as if driving in a car with Nick Hogan wasn't enough evidence of that), the Hogan clan, a.k.a. the Bollea family, plans to increase public awareness about wearing your seatbelt. We expect the senior Hogan to grab the mic and hit the top rope to order all his little Hulkamaniacs out there to say their prayers, take their vitamins and always, ALWAYS wear their seatbelts.

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