RHCP's Flea gets funky with a Tesla Roadster, loves it

If you've ever seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers, you know that bassist Flea is some sort of interstellar energy trapped in the body of a human. He jumps around like the floor is electric and he's wearing a wet Speedo that's dripping water down his legs. Should he stay still for too long, zap! In short, it makes a lot of sense that Flea would like the Tesla Roadster.
While I've been an RHCP fan for over a decade, but I did not know that Flea's real name is Michael Balzary. This is just one of the tidbits contained on the page over at the Tesla Motors blog where Flea writes about driving a Roadster prototype. Another is that it was Chris Paine's "Who Killed The Electric Car?" documentary that convinced him to plunk down some dough and buy a Roadster, sight unseen. His wife wasn't too pleased, but being in the Chili Peppers certainly must pay enough that forking over $100,000 for a car isn't too outlandish, right?

Anyway, following the test drive, Flea penned a few words on what he thought about getting behind the wheel of (and actually seeing for the first time) a Tesla Roadster. And, so we don't forget RHCP history, Flea keeps the memory of former guitarist Hillel Slovak alive with a mention in the post. Recommended.

See more pictures of the prototype Roadster in the gallery below.
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[Source: Teals Motors]

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