SEMA 2007: Infill G4 in-dash PC

While cruising through the enormous American Racing display area at SEMA, we spotted a pretty cool Mustang that made us stop for a closer look. While the car itself will be detailed elsewhere, one of its trick features really stood out. There was a keyboard on the passenger seat. Thinking it might have to do with a programmable engine management system or something, we were told that it was actually controlling a fully functional Windows XP in-dash computer. The computer system is made by a company called Infill and this was its newest G4 offering. The system features a 40 GB hard drive, 1.5 Ghz Pentium 4 CPU, 512 MB RAM, 800 X 480 6.5" Sharp touch screen display, wireless internet, a 3-second boot up time, built-in GPS, 3 USB ports, rear-view camera display compatibility and a DVD-ROM (What, no Blu-Ray?).

It also features steering wheel controls to operate the integrated 5.1 channel A/V system. And if you want to control any of the computer's functions while under way, it also has text-to-speech capability and advanced KT-HUVOIS speech recognition. Not that we'd recommend using it while in motion, but this system can turn your vehicle into one heck of a mobile office or den. The entire thing is also entirely self-contained in the dash-mount unit -- no remote HD or peripherals – which is impressive. The company promises a 40-minute install in most applications at any decent install shop. We'll try to get you more details when they become available, but for now you can get more by clicking on the Read link below or the image above.

[Source: Infill]

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