The Truth About Cars reviews the Smart ForTwo, says thumbs down

The Truth About Cars used to say the Smart ForTwo excels at just one thing: unmetered parallel parking. In their review of the new ForTwo, TTAC says the second-generation vehicle is "a great idea in theory, a laughable device in practice. " They detail their charges here.

The main problems, TTAC says, is that this is a, basically, a toy car. It doesn't have the oomph needed for the kind of highway driving we're used to and the transmission is pretty bad (they say it "still shifts the way Frank Costanza talks," if that means anything to you Seinfeld fans).

While the luggage space is larger and improved suspension is better than in the first version, the ForTwo, they say, still isn't quite ready for prime time. The only ForTwo I've only driven was a Brabus diesel, and that trip was only around the block, but it was all right. We look forward to giving the US version of the ForTwo a deeper review of our own in the future.

[Source: TTAC]

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