SEMA 2007 Spotlight: Making it stick like snot with Hotchkis

When it comes to comprehensive suspension tuning, Hotchkis has established itself as a premium player for both domestic and imported performance rides. Their WRX sway bars have proven to be some of the strongest and lightest on the market (not to mention three-way adjustable), and they've constantly been ahead of the curve by offering new products for vehicles soon after they appear on the market. Unfortunately, they're not as good about keeping their website up-to-date or being able to rattle off the diameter of their sway bars when inquiring minds, well... inquire.

Regardless, by the end of 2007 Hotchkis will begin offering sway bars for the E92 BMW 335i and they've got prototype bars for the Infiniti G37, due to be on sale in the beginning of 2008. They're already offering Stage One kits (springs and sway bars) for the Volkswagen GLI and the new Scion xB, and have begun to sell sway bars for both the Mazdaspeed3 and Audi RS4.

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