MIT dreams up a stackable electric rental car for cities

We've all seen the stacks of shopping carts at your local grocery or big box store. There are also the bike rental systems in various major cities like Paris. Now the mavens at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have taken those two concepts and combined them something akin to car sharing services like ZipCar. The result is the folding City Car. The creators have devised an electrically-driven two seater with a rear axle mounted on a folding arm that allows the machine to shift into an upright position. This allows six cars to slotted into the space usually allocated for one conventional car. The cars would be made available at transportation hubs like airports, train and bus stations. People could commute to such hubs and then rent one of these minis to do their business around town. When they are finished they just drop it off where they got it and head home.

[Source: MIT Technology Review, thanks to Domenick for the tip]

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