SEMA 2007: Purple Scion tC by Ron English is lite brite

click above image to view more detail shots of the Ron English Scion tC

It's Warhol again, with his dictum that "art is what you can get away with." Exhibit A: a purple scion bedecked in buttons of "ying-yang" art that randomly light up like a christmas tree. Look closely at the pic above and you can see that some yin-yangs are brighter than others because they're lit through the bodywork. We're not especially big fans of the billet wheels, eiher. There's something a bit too, oh... ugly... about them. Nevertheless, the car got our attention (it was blinking, after all), and isn't that what art is supposed to do? The neatest things about the car for our money (or our show pass, as it were), were the holograms over the windows with some 3-headed alien chicken-looking-thing, and an Eragon-ish dragon. The actual artwork on the car was done by pop artist Ron English, whose other well known work is starting to freak us out. Follow the jump for the full specs, and be sure to check out the gallery of hi-res pics.

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• 19" custom billet wheels by Coddington Wheels

• 245/35/19 fk452 tires by Falken Tire

• 1 3/4" lowering springs by Eibach Springs

• Custom House of Colors purple pearl paint by Franks Autobody

• Custom hologram images by Rabbit Holes

• Custom electroluminescent lighting animating Ron English's ying-yang artwork by Lit Media Group

• Smoked lighting by Franks Autobody


• Custom two-tone leather interior with Ron English artwork embroidered in the head rests by Bill Dunn Upholstery

• Interior accent painting by Franks Autobody

Custom car design and coordination by Robert Wilson

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