And then there were 9: ROUSH 600RE bites the dust

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Supercars and less-than-super drivers can be a dicey situation, as evidenced by the rash of Enzo Ferrari wrecks last year. The Ford GT in standard form definitely qualifies as a supercar, and the ultra-limited 10-car run of modified versions dubbed 600RE by Roush Europe ratchets up the exclusivity even further. Sporting a pulley upgrade and new Tubi exhaust among other things, the 600RE was rated at 612 HP post-modification. That appeared to be too much for the unlucky driver of this 3-day-old Roush 600RE, #3 of 10. That third day was its last, unfortunately, and following a £145,000 insurance payout, the car is being offered as a parts lot on eBay. Someone's going to be able to put together one of the meanest kit cars ever with these leftovers.

[Source: eBay]

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