SEMA Sideshow: Bricklin SV1 show car

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Now here's something you definitely don't see every day, even at SEMA. A Bricklin SV-1! And not just any Bricklin SV-1 either, but the one redone by Dan Woods on "Chop, Cut, Rebuild." Less than 3,000 of these sporty safety cars were built by Malcolm Bricklin between 1974 and 1976 or so, and we can only surmise that a lot less than that remain in working order today. Actually, the handy placard says that number of survivors is somewhere around 1,500. Thank God for placards. Check out the gallery to see some photos of this bright orange pumpkin Bricklin. This was one of those small surprises that make SEMA so much fun, and spotting it on Halloween made it a real treat.

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