SEMA 2007: Hope you aren't eating while viewing this Lambo

Click image for gallery of outrageous Lambo pics from SEMA

Anyone unlucky enough to make it over to the Sony Xplod booth at SEMA this week will be greeted by this "Lamborghini" replica that takes some of the best elements of the Italian supercar and twists them into something that isn't for anyone with a weak stomach. Built by The Custom Shop for John Robert Wargo, some of the details look right, but it basically only has a loose association with the real thing. Blending elements of the Diablo, Gallardo Superleggera and Murcielago, it is none of the above. It's actually powered by a 450 HP, 5.3L Chevy LS4 and is said to be good enough to push this 3200-lb car to 200 mph. We sincerely doubt it, especially considering its dubious aerodynamics and the TV monitors and speakers pouring out of every orifice on this "vehicle." We really doubt that it would be up to the task of going down the road at even regular highway speeds, let alone 200 mph. If you have the guts, click through to see the full gallery.

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