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>Well now, doesn't this look like fun? HUMMER's H3R SEMA concept takes an off-road racing theme and then dials it up well past the maximum. You see, in addition to being lifted four inches and decked out in all manner of butch accessories like 20" rims wrapped in 35" Mickey Thompsons, a bull bar, and enough lights to illuminate Giants Stadium, the biggest story of all is the LS7 someone swiped from a Corvette Z06 and dropped under the H3's hood. That hood, by the way, incorporates a Lexan panel -- all the better to show off the 500-horse V8 stuffed beneath it.

The interior's also overhauled, fitted with racing buckets, a window net, upgraded trim, and a deleted back seat. The spare tire gets moved into the cargo area, and a jerry can takes its vacated spot on the carrier in back. The LS7 exhales through a quad-outlet exhaust that's integrated into the rear bumper. This is fairly badass, to be sure. A full breakdown of the numerous mods can be found after the jump. One thing you won't read in the release is that HUMMER will be gauging reaction to both this show truck and the H2 Safari concept that'll be parked next to it at SEMA. According to our source, if the reaction's good, limited-edition production versions are a fair bet. Don't expect to see the LS7 in a consumer-grade H3R, however. If that project does happen, the 5.3L V8 from the H3 Alpha would be used, instead.

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Thanks primarily to the efforts of the Team HUMMER racing team, led by Rod Hall, the HUMMER H3 has quickly proved to be a formidable off-road competitor. It runs – and wins – in stock-class off-road races, where racers must rely on production chassis and powertrains. The H3R pays homage to the racing SUV while pushing the envelope on what could be considered "stock" – supposing the factory decided to drop in the 505-horsepower, 7.0L V-8 from the Corvette Z06. In addition to the high-powered engine, the H3R also sports a number of racing-inspired exterior modifications and an interior that blends racing functionality with boulevard comfort and convenience. No, a production H3 equipped with an LS7 engine isn't in the cards, but for 2008, HUMMER offers the H3 Alpha, which is powered by a new, 300-hp 5.3L all-aluminum V-8.

Vehicle highlights:

* H3R concept
* LS7 7.0L V-8 with 505 horsepower and Hydra-Matic 4L60 electronically controlled four-speed transmission
* Custom valve covers and ignition coil covers
* New, forward-tilting hood with Lexan see-through insert
* Power-operated hood hinges
* Custom air induction system with dual air boxes
* Racing-inspired paint scheme with custom badging
* Off-road lighting package with unique light bar
* Custom rear dual exhaust system with four outlets
* Wheel flares with quick-remove fasteners
* HID headlamps from Starr Lighting
* Clear front corner lamp lenses
* Front bull bar
* Body-color "Jerry" can mounted on the spare tire carrier
* Twenty-inch wheels
* Mickey Thompson Bear Claw 35-inch off-road tires
* Rotora high-performance brake package
* Fixed quarter window inserts
* Eaton front locking differential
* Enhanced cooling system with larger radiator
* Modified suspension with Tenneco/Rancho four-inch lift package and Rancho reservoir shocks
* Re-trimmed interior with brushed metal accents and trim
* Front racing seats with five-point safety harnesses and weather-resistant seat material
* Simpson window safety net
* Washable rubber floor covering replaces carpeting
* Navigation radio system
* Off-road integrated display gauge package with compass, inclinometer, altimeter and timer
* Auxiliary performance gauges
* Auxiliary 20-gallon fuel tank
* Second-row seats deleted
* Cargo-area spare tire mount

GM Accessories (production and concept)

* Rocker protectors
* Underbody shield
* Side-window weather deflector
* Roadside assistance package
* First-aid kit
* Hitch receiver cover
* Body-color grille

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