SEMA 2007: Chevy Major League Baseball Silverado

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How do you make a pickup truck more American? Smear it with every baseball team's logo, then install a Japanese big screen TV and a gaming console. Not only can you get your Wii on once you've flicked the switch on the power-lifting tonneau, you can also bask in an interior swathed in baseball-like leather (with stitching to match, natch) and a bat-grade ash trim.

Not shown is the New York Yankees Edition MLB Silverado, which has annual operating costs in excess of $200,000,000 yet still exhibits clutch problems and spotty reliability in October. As SEMA gets underway, we have received word that the very expensive Alex Rodriguez option package will not be available on the NYY Silverado for 2008. The A-Rod option ($25M/year) was, for the most part, a gaudy appearance package that added cost but offered little in the way of enhanced overall performance, particularly in the Fall.

The full list of mods/accessories for the MLB Silverado is pasted after the jump.

[Source: GM]



The only thing missing from this home-run Silverado is the apple pie – because the baseball and Chevrolet are covered. The Silverado 1500 crew cab is decked out in a baseball theme – with a paint scheme that incorporates all major league team logos – to support Chevrolet's ties to Major League Baseball. It is also a fan's dream, with a power-lifting tonneau cover that rises to reveal a wide-screen television monitor that not only brings in the game, but is connected to a Wii gaming console. Inside, the Silverado features real baseball bat ash wood trim and uniquely trimmed leather seats that have the look and feel of a baseball – including the stitching.

Vehicle highlights:

* Silverado 1500 crew cab
* 6.0L V-8
* Multi-color, MLB-inspired paint scheme incorporating all team logos
* Power-lift tonneau
* Wide-screen TV with Wii gaming console
* Bose Surround Sound system
* Leather-trimmed interior with baseball stitching, color and feel
* Ash wood (baseball bat material) trim

GM Accessories features (production and concept):

* Chrome mesh grille
* Twenty-two-inch chrome wheels
* Hard shell tonneau cover
* DVD headrest system
* Ground effects kit

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