Aw, Snap! Polaroid claims it is not sponsoring Nick Hogan

In his first blog post since the horrific crash that totaled his dad's high-performance Toyota Supra and left his best friend in critical condition, Nick Hogan (real last name Bollea, son of famous WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan) claimed that after being dropped by the Mopar drifting team, he picked up Polaroid as a new title sponsor. Many of you in the comments questioned how Polaroid could think that slapping its name on Nick Hogan's twin-turbo drifting 350z could be a good PR move, and Polaroid happens to agree. Late last week the camera company came out and made explicitly clear that it is not sponsoring Hogan for the 2008 racing season. Nevertheless, Hogan still lists the company as a sponsor on his website. Interestingly, in response to Hogan's blog post and the little dust storm that's been kicked up over his sponsorship, the lawyer of his best friend who suffered permanent injuries from the crash commented that "the young driver should keep a low profile until the matter is resolved." That's some good advice. Take it, Nick.
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