Segrave: the Harrods of supercar clubs

You may find this incredibly difficult to relate to – if it isn't, this writer has "personal sponsorship opportunities" available – but some people don't find the existing supercar clubs exclusive enough. Enter stage left Harrods, the ritzy British department store that caters to just such a crowd, to answer their calls with the launch of the Segrave Club.

For those unfamiliar, supercar clubs are a British phenomenon that is only beginning to take root in America. Rather than buy your own exotic and having to deal with all the related costs, clubs have sprung up that buy the cars, take care of them and, for a cost, allow you to drive them. Membership is often based on usage and the fleet of cars the member wants access to, but some clubs have the most desirable exotics ever to grace God's green earth.

Segrave comes into the picture as a result of some customers coming away disappointed at the difficulty of getting time behind the wheel of the supercars they really want. To cater to those clients, Harrods sought out the talent of Nick Hancock who, together with former world champion Damon Hill, set up P1, the premier supercar club in the UK. Segrave's members pay an initial fee of five thousand pounds sterling, which covers an advanced driving school (smart), and is supplemented by an annual membership fee of ???16,000. That kind of mint opens access to such heart- and tire-melting spanking new supercars as the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Porsche 911 GT2 and Aston Martin DBS, while access to the more exclusive (but not necessarily faster, mind you) Porsche Carrera GT and Mercedes SLR McLaren requires an additional four thousand per year. While the membership to other clubs continues to grow, Segrave's pledge to its moneyed members is that the ratio will always remain at only six members for every car, which translates to more regular access for its insanely fortunate members.

[Source: PistonHeads]

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