BioBike, a biodiesel motorcycle made in Australia, gets over 100 mpg

Here in the Unites States, riding motorcycles is more likely to be for pleasure than for practical purposes, but that is not the case in all areas of the world. A group from Australia is proving the worth of their biodiesel-powered motorcycle by showcasing in alongside other alternative-fueled vehicles taking part in special classes during the running of the World Solar Challenge. The bike, known as BioBike, uses a Yanmar 400c diesel engine running on biodiesel through a CVT transmission. No gears to shift on this bike, and the high torque output likely makes this a relaxed rider. The frame is a modified Husaberg unit, meaning that it's chock-full of high tech and high-priced parts, including the suspension components -- which is good considering that the machine is a bit heavier than the donor bike. Although there are no plans to offer the bike commercially, the amount of interest shown might prove the concept viable.

[Source: Gizmag]

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