Mercury selectively sending out rebates to potential customers

The Truth About Cars is reporting that some households are receiving "private cash" rebates of $500 to pluck a Mercury off the dealer lot, but not everybody is getting the message. There is no telling who is getting these emails or why, but the cash-off coupon can reportedly be used to grab any Mercury without a hybrid powertrain, i.e. it doesn't apply to the Mariner Hybrid. Each email has a specific code that is non-transferable, so sending the offer to a friend is out of the question. Mercury is also targeting buyers that don't seem to have a Ford-branded vehicle in their driveway, as conquest sales would be a big shot in the arm for the blue oval's most beleaguered domestic.

We can see why Mercury ad execs would send out a special rebate email to spur sales, but it's hard to imagine why the offers aren't transferable to those who would actually use them. With the recent high quality scores for the Milan and the improvements made to the Sable, the more people that Mercury can get into its showrooms the better.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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