Does Ludovic Lazareth build a better bike than Buell?

Lazareth combines a few of his most frequently-used elements on his newest creation based on the current generation fuel-in-the-frame Buell chassis. Employing a supercharger which was previously used in the engine bay of a last-generation Mini Cooper S, the Lazarus also features a single-sided swingarm and single-sided front fork. The Buell chassis lends itself well to the use of a supercharger because the airbox on top is completely replaced by the power-adder and a nice frame cut-out is already present for the belt drive. Being that the Buell platform stores oil in the swingarm, its replacement required the use of an external oil tank. Notice the abundant use of carbon fiber as well as the three-spoke wheels which look to have been swiped from Ducati.

This custom is very cool and looks relatively easy to reproduce. Whether or not Lazareth has any plans to offer the bike for sale, we don't know. But, this article mentions that the custom adjustable suspension is currently being studied and may be offered in the future with electronic adjustment. When way over-the-top is just enough, it looks like Lazareth is the man to talk to.

[Source: Lazareth, Gizmag]

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