Wouldn't it be nice: Biodiesel Basics promises breakthrough for DIY biodiesel

You've been there, right? Monkeying around in the garage or down at the biodiesel co-op for hours getting all the titration and pH levels just right to turn restaurant waste grease into a fine biodiesel for your old Mercedes. This glorious image might just slip into the faded past if a new-fangled biodiesel homebrew method turns out to be for real.
The new company, Biofuel Basics, says it has found a way to turn used veggie oil into biodiesel. That's not hard (it's not easy, either). The trick is that Biofuel Basic's method is that it requires no heating, and will cost the maker as little as 45 cents a gallon. The secret? "Our exclusive formula," says Eugene Kaser, president of Biofuel Basics.

What's in that formula? Biofuel Basics isn't saying. What they are saying is you can get a starter kit with 18 oz. of the formula (enough for 108 gallons of biodiesel) for $37.49, and that's with a promised money-back guarantee. Any of our homebrewers out there want to give this a shot and report in on how it goes? We talking snake oil or prime biodiesel magic here?

[Source: Biofuel Basics]

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